Why we use bamboo

Comfort and conservation can go hand-in-hand. The secret? Bamboo.
It’s one of the most renewable and environmentally-friendly materials on the planet: it grows pesticide-free, self-regenerates after harvesting, and doesn’t need chemical treatments like other fabrics.

Not only that, but bamboo fabric repels odors, wicks moisture, stays cooler than cotton (three degrees cooler, in fact), and is unbelievably soft. It can even help prevent skin irritations.

When you buy bamboo fabrics, you’re helping the planet and getting the best for your little one. That’s something we all can feel good about.

  • Softer than cotton, hypoallergenic, and so comfy your baby won’t want to wear anything else.

  • Breathable and odor-resistant, bamboo fabrics keep little ones cool and dry.

  • One of nature’s most eco-friendly, renewable, and resilient materials.