Five reasons why you should swaddle your baby in bamboo

Five reasons why you should swaddle your baby in bamboo

Swaddling helps soothe newborns, giving both baby and new parents a much-needed rest. Swaddling a baby involves the well-known technique of wrapping a blanket around the baby tightly enough that they can’t wriggle out, thereby waking themselves up. It’s recommended for most newborns for the first three to four months, until they can roll over on their own.

Swaddling a baby helps them to sleep better because the newborn feels more comfortable and safer in the womb-like wrapping. Keeping their arms in place with the swaddling blanket helps improve sleep as well. Swaddling is also an important way to keep babies warm while they sleep while also keeping loose blankets out of the crib. Blankets or any other loose items left in the crib can cause a suffocation hazard for babies.

When choosing the best baby security blanket, a bamboo swaddling blanket is one of the most earth conscious and softest options you can choose. It’s also safe on your wallet, with affordable bamboo baby blankets providing a high-end, low-cost alternative to cotton.

Here are the top five reasons to choose a bamboo swaddling blanket for your newborn:

  1. Eco-friendly - Bamboo is one of the most renewable and environmentally friendly materials available. Bamboo fabrics are made from bamboo that is grown without pesticides and does not require chemical treatments like other fabrics. Bamboo crops regenerate after harvesting and bamboo fabrics are 100% biodegradable, helping reduce what eventually ends up in landfills.
  2. Soft and affordable – Bamboo baby blankets offer an unbelievably soft, high-end feel at a cost-conscious price. Because bamboo fibers are made without chemical treatments, they create naturally smoother materials for your newborn to enjoy.
  3. Heat absorbent and breathable – The naturally wicking bamboo material helps pull moisture from the skin, keeping your newborn both dry and cool. Using bamboo blankets and onesies can help keep your baby up to three degrees cooler because the fabric is extremely breathable. That’s because bamboo fibers are covered in small, microscopic gaps, making bamboo fabrics naturally well ventilated. The naturally insulating material also helps keep your baby warm in the winter months.
  4. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic – Bamboo fabrics are naturally odor free and hypoallergenic, keeping your newborn feeling and smelling fresh. In addition, bamboo is a perfect alternative for those who suffer allergic reactions to other fibers, like wool and hemp.
  5. Sun protection – Bamboo fabrics offer natural UV-protection, keeping your baby safe from 98% of the harmful effects of the sun. That’s one reason why bamboo fabrics make such great clothing for adults and children.

    When you choose a bamboo baby swaddling blanket, you’re helping save the planet while getting the softest feel for your little one. All of Bamboo Little’s products are made from bamboo fabrics and delivered in environmentally conscious shipping materials, including cornstarch bags and recycled paper. Our company was founded by three generations of women working together to help save the planet one baby at a time and we can’t wait to share our snuggable bamboo baby blankets with you!

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