Why Security Blankets are Good for Babies

Why Security Blankets are Good for Babies

It's no secret that babies love to feel loved and comforted. When they do, you'll often find them clutching their favorite object for dear life - whether it be a teddy bear, blanket or even your finger. But what is it about these things that make them so special? And why are security blankets good for babies?

Security blankets, or loveys, provide comfort and security. Babies often feel scared or anxious when they're first born, and being able to clutch onto their blanket can help them feel safe and secure. It also gives them something to focus on, which can help calm them down.

Security blankets help with separation issues that babies deal with as they start to spend time away from their parents. The familiar smell of the blanket helps with this.

A security blanket can become an object that a child becomes emotionally attached to. It is a comforting object that can help the baby feel safe. Security blankets can also help babies fall asleep.

Studies have shown security blankets can also teach empathy.

If babies wake up in the middle of the night and realize they are away from their parents, they often can feel anxious. Security blankets can help make your baby feel reassured and help them get back to sleep.

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