What to Put on a Baby Registry

What to Put on a Baby Registry

A baby registry is a must-have for new parents. It's the one list you'll go back to over and over again. From clothing to toys, there are so many things that you need for your little one! We are going to talk about some of the items every baby registry needs.

Every baby needs clothing. Bodysuits, baby rompers, baby footies, socks, and hats are all great items to have for your baby. You'll want to invest in multiple of these items so that you can always have a clean outfit on hand as needed.

Diapers, strollers, and a car seat are all essential and should be on your registry list. 

Crib, crib sheets, and a mattress are also necessary items.

A baby monitor is a good idea for any new parent because it can keep you informed of what's going on with your little one while you're away from them! A lot of monitors also include temperature sensors which is great because being too cold or too hot can lead to health risks for infants!

You will need bottles, a breast pump, bibs for feeding time. A bathtub is needed to wash your baby.

Baby carriers, baby bouncers, baby blankets, and toys are also all items that should be on your registry.

There are many places you can build your baby registry. Babylist and Amazon are two of our favorites. Amazon has so many great options for products. Babylist allows you to put anything onto your baby registry from any store.

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