What Moms Should Pack in Their Hospital Bag

What Moms Should Pack in Their Hospital Bag

This blog post will highlight essential items that every mom should pack in her hospital bag. If you are expecting, then it is important to be prepared for anything and everything. What if your water breaks at work? Or what if your contractions start while you're out shopping with friends? There is no guarantee that your baby will come on his or her due date, so it's important to be prepared for the unexpected! Be prepared and take a look at our list of essentials below:

Pediatrician’s contact information- Be sure to bring this information or have it in your phone because the doctors and nurses all ask for this information.

Toiletries- Make sure to include your toothbrush and toothpaste, chapstick, deodorant, glasses or contracts (if you use them), and anything else that you might need.

Clothes- We recommend comfortable clothes. Loose pants, sweats, comfortable pajama sets, or postpartum leggings are all great options. Do not forget to pack a nursing bra and undergarments. A lot of mothers love wearing a robe, after giving birth, as you can easily cover up with it and feel more comfortable. If you do not want to wear a hospital gown, we recommend bringing your own nightgown.

Entertainment- Pack a book, magazines, music, or anything else that will help take your mind off of the labor pains as you wait for baby to arrive! Also leave room in your bag for items that your partner might need.

Beverages- Pack drinks that you enjoy, such as water or juice. Bringing a reusable bottle can be super convenient.

Phone charger- Do not forget a phone charger. We recommend one with an extra long cord.

It is also important to pack some things for your new baby. A car seat is very important and will keep your baby safe when driving them home! You need to also pack a few outfits for your baby. We recommend more than one baby footie because you do not know what size footie will fit your baby! We also recommend a hat to keep your baby warm. The hospital will provide diapers and wipes so you do not need to worry about packing those. Some mothers recommend packing a bamboo muslin swaddle blanket and baby lovey security blanket for your baby.

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