The Cloud Blanket

The Cloud Blanket

The Cloud blanket by Bamboo Little is made from a luxurious mink fabric. One side of this baby blanket is made from super soft and breathable bamboo and the other side is an extra soft mink fabric. In addition to this, it also includes three-dimensional massage balls which are formed by an airy foam process. This soft design on this baby blanket can feel like a mothers gentle touch and can also help promote sensory development.

The Cloud blanket is made with the perfect amount of thickness. This super soft mink fabric can be used all year around. Whether it's in the summer, winter or fall you will be able to put this blanket on your children without worry about overheating or having a light blanket that will not provide the necessary protection. It is also great for tummy time!

This bamboo baby blanket is made with 100% high-quality materials and this durable, machine washable cover can be used for many years. The material provides maximum durability while also providing comfort all at once so your children are able to sleep soundly.

The bamboo fabric is comfortable, soft, breathable and environmentally friendly, making the Cloud Blanket the perfect blanket for your baby, toddler or even you!

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