Sleep Sacks vs Swaddle blankets

Sleep Sacks vs Swaddle blankets

You may be wondering what the difference is between a sleep sack and a swaddle blanket. There are a few key distinctions, but overall they serve two different purposes. If you're trying to figure out which one would work best for your baby, here's some information that will help you make an informed decision.

A swaddle blanket is a thin blanket that wraps around a baby's body. Swaddling helps to calm and soothe babies, as it recreates the sensation of being in the womb. Swaddling blankets are great for newborns, but most parents stop using them around the age of three to four months.

A sleep sack, also know as a sleep bag, is a wearable blanket. It is usually made of a thicker fabric, and zips or buttons up the front. Sleep sacks keep your baby warm and cozy. The babies head, hands and arms are free and the legs, feet and body are in the sleep sack. Sleep sacks are a safer alternative to using blankets because of the risk of SIDS.

The main difference between sleep sacks and swaddles are that swaddles wrap around the baby, restricting movement. Babys can move more freely with sleep sacks. Swaddles are meant for newborns and are used typically up to four months. Sleeps sacks can be used for as long as wanted. Swaddles are great for newborns, but sleep sacks can be used as they get older.

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