Eco-Friendly Must Haves for Your Baby

Eco-Friendly Must Haves for Your Baby

Babies are so precious and it is important to take care of them. They deserve the best! This blog post will share with you some eco friendly must haves for your baby. From clothing, diapers, blankets, and more we have got you covered on what products that are not only environmentally friendly but also safe for your little one.

What your babies wears is very important. Make sure all clothing is organic and free from harsh chemicals. We recommend bamboo baby clothing because bamboo is one of the most renewable and environmentally-friendly materials on the planet. It grows pesticide-free, self-regenerates after harvesting, and doesn’t need chemical treatments like other fabrics. Bamboo baby footies repel odors, wicks moisture, and are incredibly soft, making them perfect for your baby.

Diapers are a must in every babies life so make sure you choose the best for your baby! The diapers should be chlorine, latex, fragrance and dye free. Bambo Nature Premium Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers are made from 100% wind power and are the first baby diapers certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolab. They are made from safe materials that are free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens. The fluff pulp is made totally chlorine-free. These are the perfect eco-friendly diaper choice for babies.

Bamboo baby blankets are the perfect choice for your baby. They are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. They are also the perfect choice for parents who have babies with sensitive skin or allergies because they do not contain harmful chemicals that can irritate baby's skin like many other types of fabrics, such as cotton. Bamboo baby swaddles are also a great choice because of these properties.

Bamboo bedding is another great eco friendly option for your baby. Bamboo sheets are not only anti-microbial, but they also provide a cozy and comfortable place for your little one to rest their head at night. 

Choosing a sustainable baby bottle guarantees that your baby's bottle will be chemical free and BPA. The Hevea Baby Glass Bottle has a natural rubber nipple that comes with an anti-colic valve and is made from neutral borosilicate glass. These bottles do not absorb the odors or colors of the liquids that are stored inside them. They are also very hygienic because of their smooth surface.

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