Benefits of Tummy Time

Benefits of Tummy Time

Tummy time is a crucial part of infant development. Not only does it help strengthen the muscles that babies will need for crawling, but it also helps them develop their motor skills and sensory awareness. This blog post discusses how tummy time can help your baby grow up to be stronger and more healthy!

Benefits of Tummy Time:

-Helps strengthen muscles that babies will need for crawling, rolling over, and sitting upright

-Promotes motor skills and sensory awareness in infants.

-Prevents your baby from developing a flat head

-Helps your baby master head control

-Strengthens neck muscles to help prevent choking hazards during meals or while sleeping.

-Boosts mental development because it helps your baby practice their visual tracking skills! This is necessary when learning how to read a book later on in life.

-Tummy time gives your baby an opportunity to develop his/her hand eye coordination, which is important for many everyday tasks like tying shoes or writing letters with crayons and markers!


We suggest laying down a soft blanket on the floor for your baby to use for tummy time. Check out Bamboo Little's bamboo baby swaddles or bamboo muslin baby quilt blankets . Both are great options to use for tummy time!

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