Baby Registry Essentials: All the Fun Stuff and Why You Need It

So, you have a baby on the way. Congratulations! You're probably already making a list of all the things that your little bundle will need, and stressing about how much everything is going to cost. It's true: babies are expensive. But don't worry, this blog post is here with some great gift ideas for those friends and family members who want to help out but aren't sure what they should buy you for baby.

  1. Bamboo Zipper Footie: These things are awesome. Bamboo baby footies are a must! They're easy to get on and off without frustration or fussing. Breathable, lightweight bamboo fabric helps regulate temperature so baby can stay cozy all year long.They are perfect for nap time, playtime, or just hanging out!
  2. Bamboo Baby Swaddle: Bamboo is perfect for swaddling. Not only are bamboo blankets more durable than the typical cotton blanket, but they're also light and breathable which makes them ideal for hot summer days or winter nights.
  3. Bamboo Security Blanket: Security blankets help babies feel safe, secure, and comfortable. They are a continuous reminder of familiar scents, especially when away from parents. Baby security blankets can even help with sleep and can play a vital role in your babies life!
  4. Bamboo Baby Quilt: The perfect place for tummy time, naps, and just hanging out. Muslin baby quilts come with a multi-layered, feather-soft blend of viscose from bamboo and cotton muslin.
  5. Bamboo Hooded Towel: A bamboo baby hooded towel is a must-have for your baby. They are soft and gentle on the skin and naturally moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant.
  6. Bamboo Baby Bibs: Bibs are a must-have for feeding your baby. Bamboo bibs can be gentle on the skin and come with easy to clean materials. They come with snaps for easy on and off.
  7. Bamboo Eating Utensils: Helping your little one learn how to eat is not only adorable but really important too! Make it easier by registering for these bamboo eating utensils which will help babies transition from finger foods and purees all in their own time.

With so many products being released, it's hard to know what is worth the investment. Hopefully this list of all the fun stuff you need on your baby registry and why you need it will help make that decision a little easier for any soon-to-be parents out there!