Baby Bedtime Essentials: The 8 Items You Need

Baby Bedtime Essentials: The 8 Items You Need

Bedtime is a special time for parents and children alike. It's when the day comes to an end, and it's also when kids typically get their best sleep of the day. As a parent, you want to make this time as relaxing for your child as possible; that means having all of the right bedtime essentials on hand. Read on to find out what these 8 items are!

-A nightlight: When children go to bed, they're more afraid of the dark than anything else. A nightlight will not only make the room a lot less scary, but it'll also help them fall asleep faster. 

-A quiet book: Reading before bed is a great way to wind down, but kids can get overwhelmed with the size and number of pages in an adult's book. A quiet book (with a smaller amount of text) will do just fine for your little one!  

-Pajamas/jammies: Putting your baby in something comfy to sleep in will make the bedtime ritual a lot easier. If you're not sure what to get, baby bamboo footies or bamboo rompers are very comfortable and super soft! 

-A stuffed animal: A favorite toy or stuffed animal will do wonders in helping your child fall asleep more quickly. This is also an essential item if your baby has separation anxiety - they'll feel like their special toy is always nearby. 

-A pacifier: Some parents swear by this, and others think that it's a waste of time! If you're not sure which side to take in the argument, just know there are studies saying that using one before bed can decrease rates of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It won't be perfect, but it could be a lifesaver.

-A baby security blanket:  This is a favorite for many children, and it can be very comforting during bedtime. The baby bamboo security blanket (also known as a lovey) gives them something very soft to hold on to when they're feeling frightened or insecure - even if it's just in their mind! 

-White noise machine or app: No matter what time of day it is, white noise can be really calming for children who are afraid of the dark or who have trouble sleeping. The best part about this is that it's not limited to your child and you can use one yourself! 

-Baby mobile:  A mobile above your child's crib will provide a little entertainment for them as they fall asleep, and it'll also help with their brain development. It can be something simple or elaborate - whatever suits you best!  

If you're looking for the perfect baby bedtime essentials, then this list is a good place to start. We hope that our recommendations are helpful and we encourage each parent who reads them to tailor their shopping experience based on what they need most. Happy Parenting!

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