5 Reasons Why your Baby Needs a Security Blanket

5 Reasons Why your Baby Needs a Security Blanket

At about three months old, many parents will introduce a lovey security blanket to their newborn child. Security blankets are a common way to help sooth babies as they begin to learn more about the world around them, which includes recognizing when their parents are not nearby! To help sooth babies through this transition into the world, organic loveys help keep a parent’s scent close by, making babies more comfortable, sleep longer, and feel less anxious when they’re on their own or with a new caregiver. 

Here are the top five reasons to give your baby a security blanket at three months old: 

  1. To reduce separation anxiety – As your newborn grows, introducing a baby security blanket to the child while their mom or dad is soothing and feeding the baby can help reduce their anxiety when they are later on their own or with another caregiver. When you put your baby down for a nap or leave him or her with a babysitter, or when passing a baby from family member to family member, a security blanket carries the scent of their caregiver and helps sooth anxiety that comes from being separated from mom.

  2. To enhance sleep – When your baby wakes up alone, having an organic security blanket nearby can help comfort them and get them back to sleep without mom’s intervention. A security blanket that is soft and cuddly just like mom’s arms can help sooth your baby back to sleep and reduce crying in response to waking up alone. When you’re working to improve your baby’s sleep schedule, this can be a real life changer! 

  3. To help improve temperament – Research on the introduction of bamboo baby lovey to infants has shown that babies who grow up with them are happier and more attentive than those without. A security blanket helps reduce the stress of missing your loved one and the impact this has on a newborn’s sleep schedule and anxiety can help long-term. 

  4. To take home with you on the go – When introducing babies to new places – from traveling in the car or on an airplane, to visiting restaurants, friends and family, or outdoor areas – bringing along a baby security blanket can help sooth the transition. That’s because traveling with a security blanket is bringing a little bit of home along with you, helping reduce the anxiety that can come from experiencing new places, people, and things for the first time.
  5. It’s easy to replace – One of the best pieces of advice you can receive as a new parent is to buy two (or three, or more!) of your child’s security blanket before you introduce it to them at three months old. You’ll hear this with pacifiers, bottle tips, and other favorite items as well – before you find yourself far away from home with a missing security blanket – pack two. Even close to home, having more than one security blanket gives you time to keep it clean and dry. 

            Bamboo Little’s Snuggly Security Blanket comes in multiple colors to match your nursery. We designed our eco-friendly alternative to cotton and other traditional-fabric blankets to be super soft and soothing for newborns, while minimizing your impact on the planet. Bamboo fabrics are also naturally hypoallergenic and resilient to both washing and wear. The breathable fabric helps keep your baby warm and dry, no matter the season. If you’re looking for the perfect present for a new parent, or for a security blanket to help sooth your own newborn, you can’t go wrong with a Snuggly Security Blanket from Bamboo Little. 

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