5 Reasons Why Bamboo Baby Clothes are the Best for Baby

5 Reasons Why Bamboo Baby Clothes are the Best for Baby

 We know you want the absolute best for the new addition to your family. That means choosing the finest looking, feeling, and most durable baby clothes available. Did you know that bamboo fabrics offer both the most eco-friendly baby clothes for your newborn, but also the softest and most breathable fabrics as well? 

There are many different reasons why bamboo fabrics make the best baby clothes, including how sustainable the fabric is in comparison to cotton and other more traditional clothing materials. In addition, bamboo has natural properties that make it the most durable, breathable, hypo-allergenic, and anti-bacterial option you can chose for your baby.

Here’s a list of the top five reasons why you should consider bamboo baby clothes for your baby:

  • Sustainability – Choosing bamboo clothing for you baby is an eco-friendly alternative. That’s because growing bamboo is much more sustainable and less harsh on the environment. Bamboo requires no chemicals and less water to grow than other crops. It also grows at a quicker rate and re-generates from the same plant, so bamboo produces less agricultural waste to grow. Bamboo is truly considered one of the most sustainable crops we have, which is why it’s used for many household materials like flooring and furniture. By choosing bamboo baby clothes, you can help make a positive impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, helping to leave a better world for your newborn to grow into.  
  • Durability – We know your baby wants to feel comfortable in their clothes. Bamboo fabrics are naturally stretchy, allowing your baby to move and grow. It’s also more durable than other fabrics, keeping your baby clothes looking great after many washes.  
  • Soft to the touch – Bamboo fibers are naturally extra soft. Bamboo baby clothes also get even softer with each washing, making them some of the softest clothing and bedding options for your baby available. Bamboo fabric is also naturally anti-bacterial, with the highest levels among other similar fabrics used to make baby clothes. That’s definitely a win-win for your little one! 
  • Breathability – Bamboo fabrics are naturally more breathable and absorbent than other fabrics. This helps keep your baby cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo fabrics are more breathable because bamboo is full of microscopic holes, allowing air to flow and keeping your baby cool and irritant free. Damp clothing can cause irritated and sensitive skin, so choosing breathable bamboo baby clothes is the best choice for your newborn. 
  • Hypo-allergenic – Bamboo clothing is the best option for babies with sensitive skin. That’s because bamboo fabrics are naturally hypo-allergenic. For babies allergic to wool, cotton, rayon, or other materials – bamboo is a safe and soft alternative for bedding, towels, and baby clothes. For sensitive skin or eczema, bamboo clothing can also help keep your baby comfortable in their clothes. The light and breathable fabric made from bamboo, combined with natural hypo-allergenic properties, make bamboo baby clothes the most comfortable choice for your baby. Remember to use hypo-allergenic, chemical, and additive free detergents to wash your bamboo baby clothes, keeping them soft, fresh, and irritant free. 

When you choose bamboo baby clothes, you’re making the most eco-friendly choice for your little one. We know you also want to choose the softest, most durable clothes – which bamboo materials provide. For sensitive skin, bamboo clothing is the most comfortable choice, keeping your baby swaddled in soft and breathable fabric and allowing them flexibility, with naturally stretchy fabrics that keep looking great wash after wash. All of Bamboo Little’s products are made from bamboo fabrics and delivered in environmentally conscious shipping materials, with cornstarch bags and recycled paper. We were founded by three generations of women working together to help save the planet one baby at a time and we can’t wait to share our snuggable bamboo baby clothes with your little one!  

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